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Setting a Zend Framework _redirect Referer

Seems to be impossible, just because the only parameters you can set are far less than setting a referrer. Thus you’ve to rely on your browser capabilities. However the most reliable way is to redirect with referrer in mind. Something like _GET parameters.


Once this parameter is processed by the controller/action you can return to the referrer!

What should be optimized in one web page?

Well that’s a question that has been asked so many times in the web and I my intention is not to repeat that. In my web development experience after so many web sites behind my back, there is always something that repeats in every site. And that’s the technology that support the development – the languages we use. Although they differ in some way, especially those used on the server site, or so called server scripts, which can vary between many options, but in fact almost every web project consist of one of the following things:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Flash or Silverlight
  • Server side scripting language, like PHP, ASP or whatever
  • Database server

I’d like to add one category more and that’s the images we use in every website to construct the desirable layout. They are extremely important when optimizing a web page, because almost always they make more than half of the traffic of a page.

In few posts I’ll write what and how can be optimized, according to my experience and according to the articles I’ve read. I won’t mention again why the optimization is important – I’ve written already some posts about that and the web is full of articles.

As I can say nowadays this is the most important topic of the web development. Almost everyone’s speaking about it and I’d like to give some references in my talks, just to make it more clear and to give you some basic points from where you can start optimizing.