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The Better Way to Unset Variables in PHP

Don’t know why, but most of times I see the PHP unset() multilined with a only one parameter!?


But as you can see from the PHP doc page of unset() this method takes optional parameter count.

void unset(mixed $var [, mixed $var [, mixed $...]])

So perhaps a better solution can be:

unset($var1, $var2, $var3);

It’s at least single lined!

Flexible JavaScript – Replace in a String

Here’s yet another example of the JavaScript flexibility. You can simply call .replace() on every string and pass a regex as a parameter!

var str = 'my simple string';
str.replace(/ /g, '-'); // now 'str' will contain 'my-simple-string'

Setting a Zend Framework _redirect Referer

Seems to be impossible, just because the only parameters you can set are far less than setting a referrer. Thus you’ve to rely on your browser capabilities. However the most reliable way is to redirect with referrer in mind. Something like _GET parameters.


Once this parameter is processed by the controller/action you can return to the referrer!