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Google Adsense, iframes and IE

What a lovely combination

Recently I wrote an article about the Google Adsense problem with page load blocking and than the solution was simple and elegant. You must put your ad in a separate .html file and to include it into your page with an iframe. That gives the page the ability to “breath” and to load faster.

You can see the entire article here.

When everything’s OK, wait for the IE

Yes as usual every browser loaded the iframe correclty, except … Continue reading Google Adsense, iframes and IE

The SWFObject method createSWF problem

The Problem

Although the SWFObject method – createSWF is working fine under IE sets the wmode not to be transparent but with the strange value of window, i.e. <PARAM name=”WMode” value=”Window” />

The Solution is …

to replace the createSWF method calls with other SWFObject method – embedSWF. There you can simply describe the desired wmode for the flash.

Flex 3 HSlider thumb gap issue

Introduction to the problem

When the HSlider is set up with two or more thumbs there’s a gap between them always. The problem is that you may want to put them on one single value of the slider, but it’s not possible.

First: hide your thumbs

The quick solution is to make custom skin for the thumbs, setup the height and width of the thumb to be 1px and make a transparent background image for skinning them. That of course does not solve the problem. There’s still gap of 1 value between the thumbs, and still you cannot select one single value with both of them. Continue reading Flex 3 HSlider thumb gap issue

You should not insert an “a” tag in another “a” tag! …

The Problem

Well it may look strange to want to do that exaclty. Who wants to have a <a> tag in another. It really looks semanticaly incorrect, but however, every normal A grade browser’s displaing it correctly, except .. IE6.

The Case

The Microsoft team may be too much semanticaly involved in that problem, I should guess, but that’s really impossible.

The Workaround

The workaround is trivial. You just put the <a> tags one after another and adjust them with relative position and margin with negative values.

… and The Example

<a href=”#”>link here</a>

<a href=”#” style=”margin:-10px 0 0; position : relative;”>link there</a>

IE 6 problem with flash z-index

Z-indexes on IE 6 works almost like on any other browser, but if something does not work for you, please do not forget to check (or even double check) the paramter for transparent background of the flash. Not only the z-index, and absolute positioning is needed, just add this line of code in your object tag:

<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

Why flash does not work correctly with Flash ExternalInterface see here:

How to write object tag to make your IE browser work I’ve written here: