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How to Collect the Images and Meta Tags from a Webpage with PHP

Meta Tags and the Facebook Example

You’ve definitely seen the “share a link” screen in Facebook. When you paste a link into the box (fig. 1) and press the “Attach” button you’ll get the prompted cite parsed with a title, description and possibly thumb (fig. 2). This functionality is well known in Facebook, but it appears to be well known also in various social services. In fact Linkedin, Reddit, Dzone‘s bookmarklet use it.

Facebook Attach a Link Prompt Screen
fig. 1 - Facebook Attach a Link Prompt Screen

Fist thing to notice is that this information, prompted by Facebook, is the same as the meta tag information. However there is a slight difference.

Facebook Attached Link Screen
fig. 2 - Facebook Attached Link Screen

Facebook prefers for the thumb the image set into the <meta property=”og:image” … />. In the case above this tag appears to be:

<meta property="og:image" content="http://b.vimeocdn.com/ts/572/975/57297584_200.jpg" />

And the image pointed in the SRC attribute is exactly the same as the one prompted by Facebook (fig. 3).

Vimeo Thumb
fig. 3 - Vimeo Thumb

First thing to note is that the real thumb is bigger than the thumb shown in Facebook, so Facebook resizes it and the second thing to note is that there are more meta tags of the og:… format. Continue reading How to Collect the Images and Meta Tags from a Webpage with PHP

Can Twitter Replace the RSS Feed Readers


I’m sure this is not the first time you’ve been asked this question. However there’s nobody today that doesn’t wonder the answer. For me – yes, twitter can replace the RSS feed readers, and NO – feed readers are awsome!


First of all why do I use a feed reader? I’m simply seeing what’s in it and barely read the article from the reader, but rather I jump to the site, and what’s happening often in twitter is the same scenario, I just see what’s in the tweet and if it seems to be interesting to me I jump to the link (if there’s a link). The good thing is that the tweets are limited and I’m focused. That’s why twitter is my favorite social site. I can follow all of the interesting people I know from their blogs. So perhaps twitter is becoming more useful than the feed readers.


In other hand in twitter you’ve to stay all the day long to get all the tweets you need. The timeline is quickly changing and sometimes you get lots of “junk”. While in the feed reader you’ve all the “important” posts as an incoming mail. You cannot miss anything! That’s why I cannot forget the feed readers they are doing a great job!