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object and embed tag position in IE

What is OK?

If you’ve written at least once the OBJECT and EMBED tags, without copy/paste you may have been noticed that the place of the EMBED tag is a bit strange. Actually after the OBJECT tag, comes the PARAM sequence, that simply defines different parameters for the flash movie.

And what looks strange?

The strange thing in all this is that the EMBED tag, which in fact is only one, instead of the case with all the parameters of the OBJECT, is displayed just before the closing of the OJBECT tag.

Experimenting …

What if the embed tag is outside of the OBJECT opening and closing tags. Actually only IE understands this as a problem. Than it displays the move twice!

That’s why the place of the EMBED is just before closing the OBJECT tag. In that case MSIE doesn’t “see” the EMBED and displays everything correctly!

ExternalInterface from JavaScript to IE/Firefox

ExternalInterface communication with JavaScript

The most simple way to describe the case is as if you have the ExternalInterface addCallback in the Flex application like that:


ExternalInterface.addCallback("jsFunc", flexFunc);

public flexFunc() : void
{ ... }

and in the javascript code you’ve something like that: Continue reading ExternalInterface from JavaScript to IE/Firefox