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Flex 3 DateChooser UTC issue

What I intend to do

The task can be described as it is. There’s a Flex 3 DateChooser component integrated with a custom timeline component. The problem occurs when exporting the data from the flash to the browser. Than I write the unix timestamp to the url of the browser. Of course I’m using date.getTime() in Flex.


Applying getTime() to any object of type Date in Flex results in a unix timestamp with included milliseconds. Of course the server side technology which in our case is PHP should devide by 1000 to remove the milliseconds. Continue reading Flex 3 DateChooser UTC issue

Flex 3 Custom DateChooser

I searched so much about a custom DateChooser component in Flex 3, that I decided to make one by myself. My criteria is to have ComboBoxes for both months and years. I simply merged the ComboBox component with DateChooser and there is the beta release. Please fill free to comment and report any bugs or feature requests.

Demo is here:

Free download: here

Flex 3 Custom Preloader

Before to start I’ll put a link to my post with download and sample of a custom preloader you can use in your applications: http://www.stoimen.com/blog/2009/02/25/flex-3-custom-preloader-download/

If there’s a problem with making a custom flex 3 preloader, there is the solution. The problem after that is to place it at the center of the stage. But there is a solution again. Just because the Application is not available yet, doesn’t mean that the preloader cannot be positioned correctly.

Just don’t forget to use the stage.width and height properties, as shown in the example, and use that after added on stage event is fired.

Look carefully at the example!

I recently posted a sample with free donwload of custom datechooser. The sample can be found on:


and the source can be downloaded here: