5 thoughts on “Download Custom Flex 3 DateChooser

  1. Hi its a nice design.can u hepl me out to store an event for the selected dates and store the same into database


  2. what i want is to enter a value for a date selected from the date chooser,and i should store that value for the selected date into the database.
    if not clear i ll show an example

    i have date chooser n the top
    i have a canvas containing 31 static text inputs

    if i click on a date in date chooser the focus will got to the respective text inputs(say,if i select 1 in date chooser the focus will go to first text input and the user will enter a value.Likewise it ll go on.finally on submit click all the values should store in the databse with respect to the date selected.

    in short i want a event calendar where i can enter values for the particular date in date chooser.

    if possible help me

    thanks for your reply to my first post

  3. hi,
    i want to create a “clear” button in the dateField or dateChooser.My boss don’t like the ugly button beside the dateField.Can some one help me.

    i am Chinese with not good English.

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