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Flex 3: compare two dates

Theory of Operation

You’re using Flex 3 and want to compare two dates. The format of the dates is string something like “2009 May 05”. The question is …

What’s the best way to compare them

Well if you’ve the dates as strings and you can easily conver them to something like unix timestamps. If they are a Date object you can try lik so: Continue reading Flex 3: compare two dates

Flex 3 HSlider thumb gap issue

Introduction to the problem

When the HSlider is set up with two or more thumbs there’s a gap between them always. The problem is that you may want to put them on one single value of the slider, but it’s not possible.

First: hide your thumbs

The quick solution is to make custom skin for the thumbs, setup the height and width of the thumb to be 1px and make a transparent background image for skinning them. That of course does not solve the problem. There’s still gap of 1 value between the thumbs, and still you cannot select one single value with both of them. Continue reading Flex 3 HSlider thumb gap issue

Flash doesn’t load in div with display:none style

Where’s the problem?

As it appears if you have flash embed / object tags in a div which is initaly hidden (style=”display:none”) cannot be loaded. It means the .swf file is loaded via HTTP but when the div become visible then starts the loading process and the flash starts from the begining.

Is there a workaround?

I’m looking for a workaround which I’ll share as soon as I find it. If you have a solution please share it with us.