5 thoughts on “Flex 3 text editor

  1. Thanks for the video, I’ve never seen it before, but it contains exactly what I was searching.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi, when I try to intregrate this editor in my aplication it gives me this error:
    ” 1114: The public attribute can only be used inside a package. ” at all the functions.

    I only have a private function in my application that makes new panels.

  3. Hi! i need a Text Editor with ability to create and edit grid in it… not datagrid as component, grid – as group of strings, samthing like this:
    | text1 | text2 |
    where i can:
    1. Set width and height for each created dg
    2. Creating new dg
    3. Dran’n’drop it…for example create image, and d’n’d it
    4. Dinamically chenge text1 and text2, or anoter text field
    5. Set count of dg colums
    6. Ability to set function to text1 or text2, or anoter text field

    Any suggestions or links to opensourse?

  4. Please make this available for download.

    I’m new to AS and Flex and have been looking for weeks to create this very app for my work. I will also be using a bar code scanner to get our data string, plus entry from the keyboard.

    I also need to the text editor to have options on the top menu bar some ascii character buttons… = / () @ . ; : ‘ ”

    Please zip and send me the code so I can follow along with your video.


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