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Wanted – onfocus/onblur. Why They Don’t Work Always!

On Focus


Perhaps you think of onfocus and onblur events as a default behavior existing in any web page. This is not quite true! Onfocurs and onblur are well known in web developing (js) and are fired, of course, when the user tries to point something or leaves some element. Onfocurs is fired when the user either goes to an element with the Tab button on with the mouse. When the element is on focus, evidently, the onfocus event is fired. Actually you can see which element is on focus, like an anchor or input, when the element is outlined by the browser by default. In the same scenario, when some element has been on focus and than the user switches to another element, the onblur event is fired. Thus you may guess that this element is no longer on focus. Continue reading Wanted – onfocus/onblur. Why They Don’t Work Always!