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XAMPP and virtual hosts on Mac

Do virtual hosts work on your XAMPP?

In my case they didn’t. What I mean when tell you this is that every simple technique I tried to setup a simple virtual hosts was completely non sense. They simply didn’t work out.

Did you managed to setup everything?

It appears so! Everything was OK. The /etc/hosts file, the httpd-vhosts.conf and the httpd.conf.

Something really important was missing …

Simply to uncomment the following line:

Include /Applications/xampp/etc/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

Now everything’s working like a charm! After fixing this I start to realize that this problem is not Mac specific, but however …

Connect MySQL from Zend Server CE trough unix socket!

First of all, let me introduce you to my case. I’m working on a Mac with both Xampp and Zend Server CE. Both have separate MySQL servers installed from their default installation on my machine. Both have their separate phpMyAdmins.

The one thing I couldn’t find in the man page of Zend Server CE is how to I access this MySQL server installation from my PHP scripts.

The answer is quite simple – trough UNIX socket. The ZS CE default db socket is:


and yet again let me say that this is for Mac.

starting cronjob on Mac

It’s as easy as starting a cronjob on Linux

Yeah it shouldn’t be different. You simply execute in the terminal the well known command

crontab -e

to start editing your crontab file. The crontab (cron table) in breve is the place where you put the scripts you want to automate. Its exactly the same syntax as on Linux.

Than you restart the cron process

The most simple way is to force quit it from the activity monitor, the process’s called cron as you can see on the following image.

Flex 3 mousewheel under Mac

As it appears there’s a problem to implement the mousewheel over a Flex application under Mac. There is a solution, unfortunately through JavaScript, but however it works.

See how on http://blog.pixelbreaker.com/flash/as30-mousewheel-on-mac-os-x/

The problem is that the mousewheel event listener is registered by the JavaScript and sometimes is still working after mouseout from the flash movie.