Use fopen() to Check File Availability?

Zend Framework and Zend_Http_Client

PHP's fopen() can be used to check remote file existence
PHP's fopen() can be used to check remote file existence

I’ve posted about Zend_Http_Client. Simply there you can ‘make’ your own http client and you can request a remote file. Just to check what’s going on with this file.

// new HTTP request to a file
$httpClient = new Zend_Http_Client('');
// get the HEAD of the response and match agains the
// Content-Length. That's because using the Content-Type is slower
$response = $httpClient->request(Zend_Http_Client::HEAD);
// if the Content-Length is 0 the file doesn't exists
if (0 === (int)$response->getHeader('Content-Length')) {
	echo 'the file doesn\'t exits';

However is there any other way to answer the same question?


Yes and no? Perhaps yes, but you should be careful. I’m still not sure it can be used in any case. However here’s the snippet.

if (FALSE === @fopen('', 'r')) {
	echo 'the file doesn\'t exists';

fopen() will return FALSE whenever the file doesn’t exists.

In both cases I request a remote file – an MPEG-4 file. Note that fopen()’s first parameter can be a HTTP resource.

3 thoughts on “Use fopen() to Check File Availability?

  1. using fopen with urls is not a good practice because of code injection.

    you could use curl for this and only read the response headers (CURLOPT_HEADER=true and CURLOPT_NOBODY=true).

    fopen returns false on error, not only when the file doesn’t exist

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