Zend_Mail with GMail

Zend_Mail and GMail
You know how to setup Zend_Mail with SMTP, but you don’t know how to set it up with GMail! Here’s how to do it. Just follow the instructions 😉

$mailTransport = new Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp('smtp.gmail.com', array(
    'auth'     => 'login',
    'username' => 'xxxxxx@gmail.com',
    'password' => 'passxxxxx',
    'port'     => '587',
    'ssl'      => 'tls',

One thought on “Zend_Mail with GMail

  1. I was trying to setup Zend_mail with Gmail but its not working for me the way you have mentioned. I am using the xamp server with netbeans IDE and zend framework .Pleas help.

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